Design Process

Design Process


Design process involves the following three things: the order in which design decisions are made; the principles upon which the decisions are based; and, the media (drawings, models, etc) by which design decisions are judged. The order in which decisions are made is very important to the success of the result. Always, the requirements of the program and the unique aspects of the site are paramount. My process is closely tied to the characteristics and suggestions of the setting, and to the nascent vision that arises from sincere discussions with my clients as to the purposes, imagery, and rituals of living that are important to them. The process of design must always proceed in a step by step, natural unfolding of intentions. It is important to always start with the most important thing first, then the next most important thing, never going backwards, until a complete design iteration is complete. Always, the design is evaluated, full scale, through mock-ups on the land itself. On some level, if the process is an honest one, the results will be a little surprising.



Dancing Oaks Residence, Monmouth, Oregon



Givens Kitchen Remodel and Nook Addition, Eugene, Oregon


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